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Pool Cue Blanks.   ROLAINE Enterprises, Inc. offers high-quality Hard Maple (Acer saccharum) for pool cue makers.  We concentrate on primarily Hard Maple because we are located in Wisconsin, which has one of the highest-density forest growth regions for Sugar Maple.

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Also, our other business is a hard maple baseball bat company (RockBats.COM), which also requires processing for straight-grain and careful kiln drying for stress-relieved hard maple. Straight-grain hard maple that is not large enough to make a baseball bat is processed into other high-quality straight-grain maple blanks.

Cue Shaft Blanks.  One of the first things we did when we started processing pool cue shaft dowels was to develop a QUANTITATIVE Grading System.  This means you MEASURE the grain on the blank, and this tells you what grade it is.

Over the years, we have developed a simple, yet objective, grading system that provides the cue maker a clear picture of the grain structure they can expect to receive when ordering from us.


ROLAINE Pool Cue Shaft Grading System

Pick the end with the straighter grain, and follow the center growth ring from that end, to the other end of the blank (30" of length).

Grade 1.   The center annual ring at one end remains near the center at the other end.  Not more than plus or minus 1/4" deviation from the center.     (nearly perfect)
Grade 2.   The center annual ring at one end deviates slightly more than plus or minus 1/4" at the other end of the dowel, but less than 1/2"                  (No Run-Off)
Grade 3.  The center annual ring at one end runs down the center for about 1/2 the length, but then runs off the shaft.  When we process these into tapered shaft blanks, we locate the straight-grained end on the narrow end of the final cue shaft.

Grade 4.  The center annual ring runs off the dowel right away.  This is a low-grade dowel based on grain structure.  However, it is given a pool cue dowel grade because it is PHYSICALLY STRAIGHT.   Physically-straight, bright-white maple dowels are still high-quality dowels.


(if you ever browse the dowel bin at your local hardware store or lumberyard, you will find that nearly all the dowels are warped, and none are as bright white as those offered here)

Grade 5.  These are dowels that are NOT physically straight.   Their grain structure may be grade 1 through grade 4 quality, and they are always bright-white... but if they are not straight, they are lumped in this final grade.   Great for smaller lathe projects: chess men, pen blanks, etc.


Other Maple Blanks. We also process our hard maple into other sizes that are used by cue makers.

Pool Cue Butt Blanks.  Rough-sawn processed on a band-saw to 1.5"x1.5"x20".  Primarily white sapwood hard maple, with good straight-grain.  Occasionally, we find some material that has good curly or birdseye figure.  If we have it, we'll post it here - so check back often. 

Coring Dowels.  1" diameter by 15" long.

Availability.  When we first started processing pool cue blanks in the 1990's, we heard cue makers asking for maple shaft dowels with 30 rings per inch and higher. Being a wood scientist, I wanted to get a good feel for the type of availability to expect. 

Below is a histogram we created after measuring hundreds of dowels.

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Note that majority of dowels will be expected to have between 8 to 15 rings per inch. And less than 10% of all maple will have more than 20 rings per inch.




The following table shows our price structure, based on rings per inch and grade.


Ring count Grade
1 2 3 4
7-9 $10 $8 $6 $6
10-12 $14 $12 $8 $7
13-15 $18 $16 $10 $8
16-20 $22 $20 $12 $10
20+ $30 $30 $20 $15



Shipping.  We wrap our shaft blanks in poly bags for moisture protection, and ship by USPS Priority Mail.  Large packages are sometimes more economical to ship by UPS Ground.ROLAINE Enterprises







Cue Blanks Available for Purchase

Tapered Maple Cue Shaft Blank.  These are first-cut TAPERED cue shaft blanks.  Tapered dimensions are shown below - 0.96" to 0.66" - with a 2" straight-section on the large end, for lathe chuck.  Click on the drop-down window below to see what we have available.  The centers used to machine these tapered blanks are still on the blanks - cone-shaped center on the large-diameter end, and a pin-point center on the small-diameter end.ROLAINE Enterprises




Here is a visual summary of our Grading System.  The center growth ring at the narrow end is followed to the large end.   Grade 1 and Grade 2 dowels have "NO RUN-OFF".

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Below is a list of cue blanks

(check back often -  we are actively adding more! )


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